Magnetic Sea Life Table Toys Play Store

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Toys Play Store offers fascinating creatures from under the sea and on the shore come to life with the Magnetic Sea Life Table! Children are endlessly entertained as they control the movements of the marine life animals, such as fish, crabs, starfish, seahorse, whale, and turtle with magnets attached to the bottom of the table. The wonders of the ocean become a true magnetic learning experience that also promotes hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and logical thinking skills. This table is great for waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, classrooms and even the home.



  • Ages 3+
  • 24″ x 24″ x 24″
  • Made in USA
  • Includes 4 magnetic wands, so mutliple children can play at once
  • Sea creatures include: wooden fish, crabs, starfish, seahorse, whale and turtle
  • 30 lbs
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